Get Your Kicks on Route 66

We all have an inexplicable desire to move and discover, an almost primal urge to travel. Road trips quench that thirst.

A 300-mile stretch of American roadway, steeped in legend and packed full with eccentric lifers, nostalgic eats, quirky museums, and more kitsch than you can shake a restored 1940’s gas pump at spans across Illinois. This is the original Mother Road.

The charm of Route 66 is its idiosyncratic personality. Like a giant carnival midway, this corridor of neon signs and gaudy roadside attractions was embraced by the traveling public as an exciting diversion from ordinary life. A trip on Route 66 promised an exhilarating pilgrimage where one might discover the unknown and experience the unusual. Route 66 was and is synonymous with fun and adventure.

While Route 66 is no longer considered a modern highway, driving across “America’s Mainstreet” is certainly still deemed as an experience of a lifetime. Explore a few of our favorite sites to see on this iconic slice of Americana.

Begin Route 66 Sign

You’ll begin your legendary journey in the heart of downtown Chicago at the very start of Route 66. Snap the perfect first selfie as you begin your 300-mile descent down the Mother Road at the iconic Route 66 Begin sign on E. Jackson Blvd., Chicago.

Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame and Museum

No Route 66 journey is complete without a visit to one (or all) of the Mother Road’s classic museums. A must-see is the Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame and Museum in Pontiac, packed full of the finest memorabilia associated with the history of Route 66.

The Gemini Giant

This 30 ft tall statue located outside the Launching Pad Drive-In in Wilmington, is named after the Gemini space program and holds a silver “rocket ship” in his hands while sporting an astronaut’s space helmet that looks more like a welding mask.

Paul Bunyon Hotdog Statue

This oversized fiberglass novelty, now stationed in Atlanta, Illinois, was first installed on the roof of Bunyon’s hotdog stand in Cicero, Illinois in 1966.  Standing 19 feet tall and clutching a giant hot dog, the iconic Paul Bunyon statue, not “Bunyan” purposely spelled with an “o” to avoid copyright infringement, is one of Route 66’s mythic Muffler Man Statues.

World’s Largest Covered Wagon 

A little way down the road in Lincoln, Illinois catch a glimpse of the World’s Largest Covered Wagon, complete with a very large – and very studious – Abraham Lincoln statue. The Railsplitter Covered Wagon is officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest covered wagon in the world, standing a towering 24 feet tall.

Cozy Dog Drive-In

Corndogs – a marvel of the modern world. But have you ever wondered who decided to put these deep-fried delights on a stick in the first place? Well, wonder no more. Part Drive-In, part Route 66 museum, and a whole lot of tasty goodness make sure to plan a stop into this Mother Road favorite in Springfield, Illinois.

Abe Lincoln Rail Splitter Statue

This clean-shaven statue of young Mr. Lincoln stands in front of the Illinois Exhibits building at Gate 1 of the State Fair Grounds in Springfield. He is about 30 feet tall, a thin, gawky pre-beard Abe. He holds an ax almost in Muffler Man configuration, the statue is named “The Rail Splitter” and dates from 1968 when he was sculpted by Carl W. Rinnus, a Springfield native.

World’s Largest Catsup Bottle

Situated south of downtown Collinsville, Illinois, the world’s largest Catsup bottle, was built in 1949 as the water tower for a now-shuttered Brooks Foods plant.

Interpreting the Mother Road in Illinois:

Explore these unique people, places, and stories through interpretive displays scattered along Illinois’ Route 66.  Each display is as unique and diverse as The Mother Road itself covering everything from the invention of the motel to the birth of the Corn Dog. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Where to Stay:

The original starting point of Route 66 is in Chicago less than 30-minutes from Eaglewood Resort & Spa. Plan your next weekend getaway, vacation, or a cross-country road trip on Route 66 and discover the incredible people, places, and experiences worth a detour. Eaglewood Resort & Spa’s “Get Your Kicks On Route 66” Bed & Breakfast Road Trip Package is only $66 Per Person based on double occupancy. CLICK HERE to learn more.



Fine Tune Your Golf Game with Eaglewood Resort’s New Golf Simulator

Finding your swing can be a challenge when you’re new to golf, or even if you’re seasoned but just a little rusty. With today’s sports technology, runners can monitor their pace, bikers can check their heart rate, and baseball players can measure the power of their hits. Golfing has come a long way from just practicing on the green. At Eaglewood Resort & Spa, Chicago’s premier golf resort, they just added a state of the art golf simulator to their property letting you finesse your skills 365 days out of the year.

Behind the Simulator Technology

The Foresight GCQAUD golf simulator is the most advanced launch monitor on the market and can be used both indoors and outdoors. This means no more snowy days to put a damper on your play time. The simulator gives you the option to choose between 25 different courses, so you can find the level of challenge that’s right for you. With 4k definition and newly installed artificial turf covering the floor, you’ll feel like you’re right there on the putting green. Plus, using the Foresight software, you’ll get advanced shot data and can create a profile to view your stats at any time.

Not Just Golfing

The versatility of the Foresight GCQAUD doesn’t stop at golfing. The system also provides inclusion of family-friendly games. Get a carnival experience with skeeball and balloon pop in an interactive space that will keep your kids entertained while you take some well-deserved “me” time. The resort is also anticipating creating leagues next fall and winter to extend the competitive golf season year round!

Take an Immersive Golf Getaway

At Eaglewood Resort & Spa, the new golf simulator is located inside their Prairie River Restaurant, known for its made-from-scratch American cuisine and intimate outdoor lounge space. Here, you can spend the evenings perfecting your swing and spend your days putting your newly honed skills to the test on their Par 72 championship USGA-certified golf course.


5 Wedding Planning Tips That Will Save You Money and Hassle During Your Nuptials

Hello – Lori LaPorte, Eaglewood’s Director of Catering here! I know that planning your nuptials can be one of the most stressful parts of a couple’s relationship, but it doesn’t have to be. Check out these tips that our team has gathered from the wedding sphere that will save you time and money, so you can focus on enjoying tying the knot.

Know Your Guestlist

The first thing you should start to do in your planning process is narrowing down your guest list. Your ceremony headcount will dictate everything from venue space to budget per head on food. Do you plan on having a big wedding with extended family and friends or a more intimate gathering with only those closest to you? Also, will you allow for +1’s or are your invites exclusive? These vital questions will have a significant impact on your plans, so be sure to talk it over and be confident in your decisions.

Be Flexible

One of the surest ways to save money on your wedding is to be flexible with your dates. If you don’t have specific dreams of a summer wedding on the beach or a winter wonderland backdrop, consider choosing the months of January, March, and April which are relatively cheaper times to say I do.

Do Your Research

The venue of your wedding is the canvas for your big day. By doing extensive research, not only will you be able to narrow your list down to your top few venues, but you’ll also uncover common questions and discover venue features that you may not have thought of before.

Be Prepared

Along with researching the perfect venue, be sure to inquire about what backup options there are in case of bad weather. Choosing a great venue with a luxurious outdoor space won’t do you any good if there are rainstorms on the day of your wedding. It’s best to go with a spot that offers elegant solutions in case of these sorts of situations.

Offer Convenience

If you have a lot of out-of-town guests, you might consider booking a full-service resort so that they have all the amenities they need during their stay. This will ensure that your guests are easily taken care of and comfortable during your special day.

Get a Wedding Deal

If you plan right, you might even be able to score a venue that offers special packaging for not only your wedding but your honeymoon as well! At Eaglewood Resort & Spa, for example, we offer a free honeymoon at any Benchmark Resort or Hotel destination when you choose our resort as your venue. That’s over 40 domestic and international locations to choose from!

Happy wedding planning!

Lori LaPorte, Director of Catering

Lori LaPorte
Director of Catering
Eaglewood Resort & Spa

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Innovative Architecture: Discover the Best of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Chicago

One of the most inspiring architects of our time was Frank Lloyd Wright. He was able to incorporate nature and living spaces in a harmonious way that let people embrace the elements in the comfort of their own home. A native to the Chicago area, Frank Lloyd Wright has become an icon of the Windy City, and there are more of his designs here than any other place in the world. We wanted to take a look at some of our favorite spaces that he created and give you some tips on how you can get the full Frank Lloyd Wright experience.

Home & Studio

At Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio you’ll get to see how it all began. He used this space as an experimental playground for his designs, making it a one-of-a-kind location. This is where he came up with his signature “Prairie Style.” In this home you see how he added character with impressive design elements, like an open arched living room, a textured combination of brick and wood carvings, and quirky uses of space.

Bach House

The Emil Bach House is one of Wright’s more commanding designs and is also known as the “Fireproof House.” The Bach house displays geometric and modern elements that provide intrigue to each room. His heavy use of brick and concrete on the exterior display a sense of fortitude, while wood is incorporated into the interior spaces to provide a more inviting ambiance. This is an excellent example of Wright’s transitional period between his Prairie style phase and more modern influences of Japan and expressionism.

The Rookery

To see one of Wright’s most striking commercial designs, head over to The Rookery in Chicago’s financial district. Here elegant staircases are gateways into a central light court where a glass ceiling embellished by ironwork illuminates the building. One could easily spend hours looking at the embellishments that Wright put into every part of this building, from column details to intricate banisters to modern light fixtures.

Visit Chicago

Get the full Frank Lloyd Wright experience in Chicago with an architectural tour of all of his greatest hits. Then kick back and relax in a setting that Wright would approve. Discover the park-like landscapes of Eaglewood Resort & Spa where you can book a spacious guest room and enjoy unique indoor and outdoor dining options.

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The Top Ten Dining Trends for 2019

Dining and food trends can change faster than night and day. To keep up with what 2019 will bring to the culinary world, our management company, BENCHMARK®, a global hospitality company, engaged their executive chefs and culinary experts at the company’s 80+ luxury hotels, resorts and restaurants coast to coast, off shore and in Europe. Check out what they have to say about the upcoming food trends they foresee for 2019!

2019 Dining Trend #1

The Tea Party. While three cups of tea are consumed worldwide for every cup of coffee, here in the U.S. coffee drinkers are dramatically becoming cuppa fans. This is not a new trend, but what is new is how people are beginning to think of tea with the same reverence as coffee due to its many varieties, applications and benefits. One’s local coffee roaster may soon have a new neighbor in the form of a “tea bar”. Craft tea blending, nitro tea on tap and even tea cocktails will start to proliferate on Main Street.

2019 Dining Trend #2

Meat Lovers. Not yet available to buy commercially, heme (from the Greek word for ‘blood’) is at the cutting edge of food science and is a possible stepping stone to a more environmentally sustainable meat and protein alternative. Tech-food companies are using it to bring a meaty quality to their wheat and potato protein burger with the “bloodiness” of meat cooked rare. Not to worry, if you still enjoy good old-fashioned beef – select steak restaurants will be expanding their repertoire to include new cuts like Vegas Strip steak (from the shoulder area), merlot cut (from the heel) and bavette (the bottom part of sirloin known as flap meat).

2019 Dining Trend #3

Fermented. Big brand kombucha (fermented tea) has cemented itself in the new age of alternative beverages, but consumers will soon see various styles of home-grown kombucha coming out of boutique/lifestyle hotels and chef-driven, trendy eateries. Further to the fermented craze, these same businesses will expand their line to include more kimchi, pickles, sauerkraut, tempeh, kefir, but also carrots and cream, and many other foods fermented, cooked and offered to customers. All with the focus on consuming the least processed food possible – increasing probiotics to improve the immune system.

2019 Dining Trend #4

Tastes like Crickets! As food costs continue to rise, chefs are looking for new sources of protein. Insects appear more and more as a sensible choice on many levels. They exist in large quantities and can be found everywhere. In fact, 80% of the world consumes insects – low in fat and 3-4 times as much protein as beef, insect powders can enhance your cocktails and even cricket flour can be used to make breads and pastries. Their products will soon flood the shelves of grocery stores and restaurants alike.

2019 Dining Trend #5

Farm to Table 2.0. One trend that has been in the works for some time now, of course, is the farm to table movement. It has recently taken a brand-new path and that is the chef/farmer movement of custom farming in regard to specifying what seeds are being planted for new menu development. Benchmark’s Willows Lodge has partnered with a farm in their valley, which is helping to cultivate a new type of a relationship that will change the way each supports the other to sustain farming inside their community, ultimately, saving the small, sustainable farms for generations to come.

2019 Dining Trend #6

Are You In or Out? In an age of online and mobile food-ordering services, diners have moved away from eateries to placing more value on being home-bound and the convenience of delivery. However, we project that diners will stop unwrapping their plastic packages of cutlery and again recognize that restaurant dining offers more compelling and satisfying experiences, which truly nurtures the soul. Whether it is celebrity spotting, educating your taste buds on adventurous cuisine or building relationships in social atmospheres – outside eateries offer all things you just can’t get at home.

2019 Dining Trend #7

The Vegetarian Factor. What was once seen as the random individual that a restaurant chef or an event manager had to appease, now has become more than a minority in the way chef’s approach menu offerings. With today’s diners increasingly aware of their “macro diets” combined with culinarians applying unique and creative takes on mom’s succotash, menus will soon see a large portion dedicated to vegetarians and what is plant-based and coming from the ground. Dishes are even becoming vegetable focused, with proteins as the complement. Even vegetarian tasting menus are quickly becoming the staple in many accredited establishments.

2019 Dining Trend #8

Food & The Greater Good. The Food & Beverage and hospitality industries are no strangers to supporting the hungry and less fortunate – from children to shut-ins. However, with a global focus on the natural disasters humanity faces – the collective culinary community is starting to put their food where their mouth is and put greater efforts behind charities that provide sustainable support. Chefs are beginning to make more meaningful connections around food – less about social media and more about that they take on the deeper issues and how food is involved.

2019 Dining Trend #9

Substitutions Please. Chefs are ready for a remix of the typical ingredients diners have become all too familiar with. Citrus is a widely used component in many dishes and libations, but soon we will see regular cameos by unique and eclectic relatives to the lime and lemon – citron, cumquat and shaddock. Kale has outlived its welcome and will soon be replaced by such wild weeds as sorrel, dandelion greens and amaranth. Finally, put away the honey and agave as life will become a bit sweeter with derivatives from sources like carrot, sweet potato, golden beet, butternut squash and corn.

2019 Dining Trend #10

Dietitian, the New Celebrity Chef. Culinarians speak about healthy eating, but this is far from nutrition, which is much more rooted in the science of food. Professional dietitians will rank alongside celebrity chefs–as the benefits of understanding nutrition combined with leveraging technology will allow consumers to personalize their food experiences. Consumers will begin to craft personal portion sizing relative to their dietary and nutritional needs. The convergence of mobile and Internet technologies will allow providers and core consumers to have access to personal dietary requirements at restaurants, retail locations and quick-service eateries. Personally-assigned nutrition will become commonplace and a major influence on diet.


Morton Arboretum’s Troll Hunt Lets You Get Back to Nature

There’s nothing like a breath of fresh air to ignite the senses. While the world is slowly becoming more environmentally conscientious with attempts to live more sustainable lifestyles, it’s still easy to take for granted the everyday nature around us. Visiting your local botanical garden or arboretum is a step in the right direction towards an appreciation for the environment that gives us life. They are also great spots to take your kids to and teach the next generation about the science behind nature and how to preserve it.

The Morton Arboretum – Nature at Its Finest

One of our favorite arboretums to visit is the Morton Arboretum in Illinois for its extensive educational and science programs along with a variety of interactive adventures you can take part in during your visit. Adults can take to the air with Aerial Tree Yoga, drink bourbon and learn about bees during a Bees and Bourbon class, or try out creative canning recipes during a Canning Tomatoes tutorial. Kids can dig for worms in a Wigg!y Worms class, take a bonsai workshop or earn hiking merit badges.

Discover Giant Trolls in a Forest Troll Hunt

Currently, the main attraction in the arboretum is the Troll Hunt, a collection of 15 to 30-foot tall troll sculptures that are hidden within the arboretum’s forest. Sculpted from reclaimed wood by Danish artist, Thomas Dambo, the trolls are the symbolic protectors of the environment and are even more impressive incorporated into the surrounding foliage.

Take a Walk With Wine and Art

In August you can enjoy live music, peruse eccentric nature-inspired arts and crafts, and taste the best local wines during the arboretum’s Wine & Art Walk. The walk takes place around Meadow Lake so you can take in the scenery while browsing ceramics, fused glass, woodturning, paintings, and photography. With over 40 local and visiting artists displaying their work, you’re sure to find a unique souvenir to take home.

Plan Your Visit

With 1,700 acres of gardens, 16 miles of hiking trails, and 9 miles of scenic roads, the Morton Arboretum is a wonderful way to spend part of your trip to Illinois. To get the most out of your getaway, check into Eaglewood Resort & Spa, located only 20 minutes from the arboretum and 30 minutes from Chicago. With exciting city life and relaxing landscapes at arm’s length, it’s the ideal location to make your home base.

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Eat Your Way Around the World in the Chicago Suburbs

Chicago is one of the most exciting destinations to visit in the summer. Did you know that you can watch the baseball games, visit the museums, and also get a taste of foods from around the world? Don’t bother with the trouble of visiting multiple destinations when Chicago has it all! A sampling of events you can look forward to experiencing:

Tacos and Tamales Festival

Really there is no need to explain this festival… The promise of delicious and authentic tacos and tamales is sure to be enough to draw you to this event. If you need just a little more of a push, they will also have a beer garden to keep the party going! Pair all of that with gorgeous art, and music that spans from traditional to current, and you have yourself the recipe for a great time!

Ginza Holiday Festival

There is no reason why you should only celebrate the holiday season in the winter. Not when you can go to the Ginza Holiday Festival! Over the span of three days, you can surround yourself with the beauty and excitement of this event celebrating Japanese culture. Music, dancing, art, and of course food, are center stage and all without the long flight! Witness the spectacular sights and sounds of Taiko drumming or treat yourself by buying something from a group of traditional artists from the Waza!

Albany Park World Fest

Why choose just one festival when you can experience the world all in one? The Albany Park neighborhood is known for its eclectic mix of cultures and people, which makes it the perfect place to host an event that celebrates the world. Over 70 languages are spoken in this area, and the event will mirror the many tastes, sounds, and sights that make this community a true melting pot!

Make it a summer to savor!

In Chicago, you can travel the world, and also enjoy true historic Americana. With so much to do in one city, it only makes sense to make the Windy City your next getaway! Stay at the Eaglewood Resort and Spa and enjoy the best that Chicago has to offer!

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Feel the Thrill of the Grill! Executive Chef John Billings Celebrates National Grill Month at Eaglewood Resort

It’s the season of smoking and searing, fire and spice, grillin’ and chillin’ and feeling the burn of homemade barbecue sauce passed down through ages of summer celebrations. The backyard grill is an American icon, honored each July by National Grilling Month. This year, Executive Chef John Billings is getting his grill on with one of his favorite, classic Midwest grill recipes – the T-Bone Steak.

As a keeper of the culinary flame, Chef Billings brings skill, imagination and a commitment to authenticity to the grill. Locally sourced meat and vegetables sizzle over the coals, enhanced by chef’s classic marinade with this mouthwatering meat-centric recipe.

“T-Boned” Prairie Supper Club Steak Recipe – Serves 6



  • 6 20 oz. Angus T-Bone Steaks


  • 1 lb. Olive Oil
  • .5 oz. Chopped Garlic Cloves
  • .5 oz. Fresh Basil
  • .5 oz. Fresh Thyme
  • .5 oz. Fresh Rosemary
  • .5 oz. Whole Shallots
  • .5 oz. Kosher Salt
  • .5 oz. Freshly Cracked Black Pepper
  • 1.5 Bunches of Italian Parsley

Marinade Method

Place all the marinade ingredients into a bain marie. A “bain marie” is essentially a hot water bath. It’s used for cooking delicate foods and is a good technique to create a gentle, uniform heat around the food.

Here’s how to make one: Place all the ingredients into a glass bowl and place the bowl over a pan of simmering water. Stir and heat until all ingredients are combined in the olive oil and start to break down from the heat.

Once warmed throughout, pour ingredients into a blender and mix until smooth consistency.

Steak Method

Rub herb marinade onto the steaks, and season with salt and pepper to taste. Place the steaks onto a char grill and cook to desired temperature. Cut off the New York Strip and filet portions away from the bone. Place the bone into a 350-degree oven and roast for 5 minutes. Cut the New York Strip into three pieces and arrange on the plate with the bone for a whimsical presentation and plating of this “T-Boned” steak!


If you don’t want to spend the time making this recipe at home, then visit us at Prairie River Restaurant to try this mouthwatering meat dish! During the month of July, we’ll have 3 grill-centric specials for our guests to pick from. Check them out here!

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These Golf Trends Might Not be What You Expect

Golf Trends: Now that Summer is almost here, what do you find yourself daydreaming about? The smell of flowers and trees blooming? Barbecuing on the patio with friends and family? The long, sunshine-filled days? Or could it be the smell of fresh cut grass, the unmistakable whissh of the golf club, and the satisfying plunk of a hole-in-one?

If you’re a golf aficionado, we know what your senses are excited about. Or, even if you don’t eat and breathe golf, the game is still a wonderful way to spend some quality time outside, with the family, or just having a few laughs.

Besides, there are actually quite a few more, shall we say, unconventional forms of golf that are sure to bring loads of fun and entertainment this Summer season. Take a peek at some of the newest and most innovative golf trends debuting and appearing at courses and resorts around the country:

Glow Golf

Golfing underneath the stars is an experience unlike any other. Though different courses execute glow golf differently, the general concept is to play a round of golf on the course – but at night. Armed with a glowing golf ball, a few other glowing accessories, and plenty of gorgeous stars overhead, glow golf is a remarkable way to bathe in the warm night air and flex those golf muscles.

Digital Hole in One

One of the newest technologies to hit the golf industry, digital golf technologies are enabling unique and exciting golf opportunities and experiences. Though the execution may differ from course to course, the basic concept is that cameras, which are nicely blended with the landscape, are placed at certain holes throughout the course, and it records HD videos of winning shots. Or rather, hopefully it records a winning shot – that’s up to the player. If a golfer happens to hit a hole in one at the camera-hole, there are chances for cash prizes, as well as a personal copy of that particular achievement. Keep your eyes and ears out for golf courses offering this new technology, you might just win some extra vacation cash, while also having ammunition to use for bragging at the club later on.

Foot Golf

One of the more liberally related golf games, foot golf is becoming widely popular and after trying it out – you’ll see why. Trade your golf ball in for a soccer ball, and your golf club for your foot. A combination of soccer and golf, this game is played by kicking a soccer ball into large holes on a golf-like course. The holes are set up differently than the normal course, naturally, and it’s a bit more rowdy and messy than classic golf. More mess, though, means more fun. Check out a video here to learn more.

Segway Golf

As if there weren’t already enough segway jokes, there’s about to be a whole lot more. Gone are the days of golf carts, instead welcome segways as the new vehicle of choice. These aren’t your typical tourist segway, but rather a modified version specifically for golfers. With features to accommodate the golf bag, an enhanced size, and a new look, these golf segways are the transportation of the future (at least on the golf courses).

Golf under the stars, win some cash for your skills, try your foot in foot golf, and cruise around the course on a specially made golf-segway. Whether you try one or all of these golf games and accessories, you’re sure to make some lasting memories and have some instagram worthy photos.

Eaglewood Resort & Spa, just outside of Chicago, Illinois, features a Par 72 championship USGA-certified course that offers a captivating atmosphere, private and group lessons, annual passes, and golf outings. Not to mention a few golf trends! Discover their special glow golf experience, as well as exciting digital hole in one opportunities! With an 85 year history of rolling greens, strategic bunkers, majestic trees, and sparkling lakes, there are few courses more accommodating and spectacular than Eaglewood. Visit here to begin planning your golf experience. Happy golfing this Summer season, and we’ll see you on the course!

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Chicago’s Summer Beer Week Events Will Get You Hoppin’

Brewing your own beer at home has transformed over the years. Starting as an experimental passion for hop connoisseurs, it then took on a cult following among the hipster crowd, and now it seems like people everywhere are trying their hand at making their own craft concoction. This love for all things beer has made a deep impression in the Western Chicago suburbs and the neighborhood is beginning to celebrate the fruits of its labor during its annual Beer Week, May 18-25th.

Come One, Come All

This year marks the launch of the First Annual Backyard Brewfest, an event celebrating the suburban beers that have been brewed right in Chicago’s “backyard.” Fifteen breweries will showcase during the event, and all proceeds will be donated to a local non-profit organization, Little Friends, to help support the community. That means you can get your beer on and feel good knowing you’ve contributed to a good cause. Enjoy the best brew in Chicago on Saturday, May 19th from 12-4pm.

Stretch and Sip

Having a beer is relaxing. Doing yoga is relaxing. Having a beer while doing yoga? Ultimate relaxation. Whoever came up with the new trend of beer yoga had the right idea. Not only are you stretching muscles that aren’t used every day, but doing so while holding a beer adds an extra challenge many don’t expect. Did we mention you can do this under the tranquil setting of the Morton Arboretum?

Beer Week Dinner

If you thought beer tasting dinners were all about greasy bar food, think again. This year’s Craft Beer Dinner is a 5-course meal with all the frills of a fancy dinner and none of the pretension. Scallop ceviche, saffron-blood orange gastrique, kiwi foam, prosciutto, and chive paired with Center Line Golden Ale? Yes, please. We suggest reserving a table fast, as this event will sell out quickly.

Stay Where the Taps Are

At the Eaglewood Resort & Spa, you’ll have all of Chicago’s favorite craft beers available at your fingertips. Their on-site restaurant, Prairie River, is newly renovated with a rustic stone fire pit and patio area that will keep you warm under the stars while you sip on the latest local beer on tap. Plus, each beer on the menu is hand selected by their Executive Chef and Assistant Food & Beverage Director, John Billings, you know you’re getting the best of the best.