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Tips for Fall Skin Care

Spa fall skin care tips

Rosy Cheeks and Glowing Skin – The Perfect Autumn Combination

Fall is officially here! Time to trade in the pool noodles for scarves and put away the swimsuits. But even though you may be showing less of your skin, it’s still crucial to take care of it. Find out how to get ready for the season with these five tips for fall skin care.

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Scrub it Off

You can pretty much count on exfoliating to be on every season’s must-do list, but it is especially important after summer. Months of sitting out in the sun can cause splotchy, dry and dull spots from head to toe.

A light exfoliation can get rid of that layer of dead skin & awaken the fresh skin underneath, leaving you soft and radiant. You can even use an apple or pumpkin-scented scrub if you’re feeling extra seasonal!

Carpe Diem with a Serum

When most people think of a serum, it’s usually coupled with anti-aging. And, while serums are wonderful in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, women (and men!) of all ages are now adding them in their morning routines for extra moisture.

Whether it’s your scalp, face or body, skin can become especially inflamed & irritable during any season change. Using a good serum can help combat that by calming dry, flaky skin.

Go Pro

Fall skin care facialWhen it comes to those pesky post-summer sun spots and acne, at-home treatments can only do so much. If you want to see faster and more effective results, consider scheduling a facial or a peel with a professional esthetician.

Getting the pores manually cleaned out (yes, that means extractions!) will drastically improve clogged pores, bumps, and blackheads. If your skin needs extra attention, a series of mild chemical peels will encourage the fading of stubborn hyperpigmentation.

Tender Loving Care for your Hair

Sun rays, bleach, flattening irons – the tools we use to get our locks looking beautiful for summer are the same ones that leave it fried by fall. Oil based products – like Moroccanoil– can help soften up your dead ends and make your hair more manageable.

If your hair still doesn’t cooperate, try getting a small trim and a fresh color. Besides – who doesn’t like going darker for fall?!

Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen

Summer may be over, but the sun still shines! Using sunscreen can help your skin from drying out – especially during the driest time of year.

We recommend applying before you head outside, on your body and face (including lips), and sticking to SPF 35 or higher. And don’t forget – you can still get burned on a cloudy day!

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