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Travel Trend: Dogs Welcome!

Dogs in comfy bed

Bring Your Four-Legged Friends on Your Next Trip

dog fetchDogs really are man’s best friend, so it’s no surprise that pet-friendly accommodations have become a ‘must’ on a traveler’s check list.

All across the country, dog owners are looking for resorts and activities that provide fun for both themselves and their canine counterparts. In fact, nearly 24 million Americans traveled with their dogs the past three years, according to the U.S. Travel Association.

And it’s not just about hotels allowing pets – it’s about an entire experience. Dog owners especially look for places that have a welcoming environment, including walking trails, parks, special dining menus, and even spa treatments tailored for their four-legged friends. Websites such as Bring Fido  and Dog Friendly have made finding the right spot for you even easier with a full array of travel listings including any additional pet fees and specific pet laws for your destination.

Dog with head out windowTips for Your Pawesome Getaway

Before you hit the open road or the friendly skies with your pup, be sure to follow these tips for a stress-free vacation.

  • Plan in Advance: The last thing you want is to assume all places you plan on going to are pet-friendly. Be sure to call ahead and make sure fido is allowed before showing up. Not doing so can put a huge damper on your plans.
  • Pack for Pooch: Dogs can have sensitive stomachs, so be sure to bring plenty of their regular food to ward off any tummy aches. Collapsible feeding bowls are also a great option for ease of packing and discrete carrying.
  • Be Considerate: You know your dog better than anyone. If your dog can’t handle big crowds or has issues with barking, perhaps a secluded lake house might be a better option than a popular tourist spot. Also, don’t forget plenty of plastic baggies!

If you’re planning on a Midwest trip this summer, Eaglewood Resort & Spa has all you need for a perfect pet-friendly retreat. With close proximity to forest preserves, a spacious dining patio and cozy accommodations, Eaglewood is the perfect place to kick back with your furry friends. Guests who check in with their pooch also get an amenity with treats, extra plastic bags and a logo’d tennis ball for a game of fetch!

Happy trails to you – and your pet!

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