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The Rise of Room Escapes

Door lock

Escape the Room…if You Can

What started as merely a video game in the early 2000’s has now become a full-fledged global trend. With Eaglewood Resort & Spa partnering with D.O.A., a local room escape experience, we thought now would be the perfect time to learn how this simple flash game turned into a worldwide phenomenon!

The History of the Game

Back when the internet was still young and fresh, Adobe Flash games were all the rage (yes, we can hear the Generation Z kids already laughing from here). Point-and-click adventure games were especially popular, where the player became engrossed in a fictional world in which they had to puzzle-solve in order to move to the next level – or, in this case, escape the room. In early versions of these games, the player would simply “point and click” with their mouse to uncover clues & advance.

Lock Them Up & Throw Away the Key

To say that real-life escape rooms have exploded in growth would be the understatement of the year. In 2007, SCRAP Entertainment Inc. opened up the first escape room event in Japan, drawing inspiration from the online frenzy.

Room escapeThe premise was simple in nature: around 10 players are put in a room where objects are scattered all around (what appears to be) haphazardly. The game organizer locks the door on their way out, and the players are then left to figure out how the clues around them can lead to the key.

An initial panic sets in, and players are forced to work together as a team to get out before time is up.

Sounds easy, right? 😉

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Cut to 2012, when the first permanent escape rooms opened in the U.S. In just the first year alone, SCRAP says revenues grew by a whopping 800%! The ROI turned out to be so high that others wanted their piece of the action in this lucrative industry.

As the numbers currently stand, there are approximately 3,000 registered escape rooms internationally, making them tourist destinations across the globe.

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Here in the Chicago ‘burbs, we’re lucky enough to have our own room escape that goes above and beyond its peers. D.O.A., located in Villa Park, bases all of its rooms on actual historical events such as the Valentine’s Day Massacre and Chicago World’s Fair. According to them, “every prop is as close to authentic as possible, every wall is a replica of the original location, and every clue tells part of the true story.”

Eaglewood Resort & Spa is proud to partner with D.O.A. in bringing a mobile version of their acclaimed Titanic escape right here at the property! Our space can hold anywhere from 20 – 150 people, and our conference planning team is ready to help you plan your next teambuilding event.

Contact us today…before the clock runs out!

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