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Top 5 Reasons to Shop at Farmer’s Markets

Farmers market purchase

Trends come and go, but we think “farm to table” is here to stay. With summertime produce at its peak, now’s the time for you to hop on board! Check out our top five reasons to shop at a farmer’s market today.

Show Some Neighborly Love

Give your local economy a boost by shopping from nearby farmers and bakers! Many growers depend on a successful market season for their livelihood, and buying direct gives them a better return on their money. And, if you’re in a location where climate is key, it’s even more crucial that they have your support. Plus, doesn’t food just seem to taste better when it doesn’t have to travel?

Little Hands Make Great Helpers

It’s been said that kids are more likely to eat their food if they had a hand in creating it, and farmer’s markets are the perfect way to get your children involved! Let them roam around with you and pick out food to try. They can choose items themselves, and even help you prepare your next meal! Plus, many farmer’s markets offer kid-friendly activities like face painting, petting zoos, and pony rides (don’t worry – we won’t judge you for partaking in the fun :).

In-Season is In-Style

Strawberries in the spring, apples in the fall. At a farmer’s market, you’ll always know what’s in season – and where your food actually comes from! If you’re curious as to what produce is currently at its prime in your area, this helpful tool from Sustainable Table will help guide your way through.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Jicama, rapini, starfruit…have you ventured out of your comfort zone recently? Well, now’s your chance! At farmer’s markets, you can take your time and discover new produce that you may overlook at your normal grocery store. Plus, some growers create hybrid fruit or specialty flavors that you won’t find anywhere else (Think: cotton candy grapes or, our personal favorite, the pear-apple combo. Delish!).

There’s One Near You

The USDA has now made it even easier to find your closest farmer’s market. Using their online directory, you can zoom in on markets that are within minutes from you. In the Chicago area alone, there are more than 350 markets for you to choose from.

Looking to check one out during your next stay at Eaglewood Resort & Spa? Here are a few less than five miles away to try out:

Or, if you’d rather stay on-site, feel free to check out the menu offerings at Burnham’s and Prairie River Restaurants. Chef Billings uses local produce in many of his dishes, providing you with the ultimate Midwestern food experience.

Chow down!

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