Taking Care of Teen Skin

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5 Steps to Clear and Beautiful Skin

From our Spa Manager, Debbie Wisla

Sooner or later, almost every teenager experiences some kind of imbalance in their skin – especially as hormones start to change. A main concern (even for those of us who are past the teen years!) is acne. Though acne is considered a normal part of puberty, even the mildest cases can be traumatic for skin, and could be made worse if treated with some of the harsh skincare products on the market.

Taking the time to educate your teen about their skin at an early age is crucial for developing a proper skincare regimen, and can save years of damage to their skin.

As your teen starts to enter in those stressful years, take skincare off the list of worries with these five best practices for teen skin care.

Start Facials at a Young Age

We’ve heard it before: kids don’t like listening to their parents! But, they might just follow advice from an expert. When you book a facial for your teen with us, our estheticians will share reliable information about treatments and advise which products might best suit your teen’s needs. Your child will leave their appointment with the cleansing effects of their facial, along with the tools maintain the benefits of the facial at home.

Thou Shalt Not Pick

We know it’s easier said than done, but nothing good can come from picking your face! Truth be told, a blemish will usually last around 5-7 days. A scar from picking, however, can last weeks, or even months. If your teen is getting the urge to clear their pores, it’s best to leave it to the professionals to safely extract build-ups the proper way.

Try, and Try Again

Teens love to replicate what their BFF does, but it’s important for them to understand that not everything that works for their friends will work for them. And sometimes, treatments may even have to change year over year as hormones fluctuate. Before every facial, our estheticians re-evaluate your teens skin and fully customize treatments based on progress and overall skin goals.

You are What You Eat

We all know eating the wrong things can impact our waistlines, but it can also hurt our skin. The fats and grease from fast food and pizza can, unfortunately, increase oils on our faces. As adults, we more or less know what’s good and bad for us – but teens are still learning. Our estheticians can help teens select foods that are rich in nutrients to nourish their bodies and clear their skin from the inside out.

Skip the Drugstore Line

Did you ever notice how a lot of products have that weird warning of “For External Use Only?” As a general rule of thumb, if a warning label makes you feel uneasy, it may not be the best product to put on your skin. For the same reasons you choose organic and unprocessed foods at the grocery store, it makes good sense to carefully select your skincare products. Our licensed estheticians will recommend and offer a wide variety of all-natural skincare options that are good for all types of skin and good for your body.

At Eaglewood Resort & Spa, we make it easy for your teen to get professional care and services all in one spot. Our new Glow and Go Teen Specials are specially crafted for young skin, and our trained estheticians take the time to carefully evaluate and treat your teen based on their individual concerns and goals. Call us today at 630-694-5903 to learn more and make your appointment!

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