Top 6 Wedding Trends for 2018

Get Fresh Ideas from our Director of Catering, Lori LaPorte!

With almost every site tour of our property, I get asked the same questions: What are the latest wedding trends for 2018? How can I make my wedding stand out?

The great thing about being so involved in helping couples plan their big day is that I’m always able to stay on top of the newest ideas.

Here are a couple of wedding trends for 2018 that I have found when working with brides & grooms this year!

Out with the New, In with Old

Yes, you read that right. Linens, flatware, glassware, and backdrops all made a quiet disappearance for a few years, but everything always seems to come full circle when it comes to trends, and now mainstream is back! They have an ethereal, traditional, and otherworldly quality about them that makes a wedding timeless.

War on Roses

Roses have been all the rage for years and years, so it’s about time a new flower came around to take the thrown. The 2018 pick? Dahlias! The best part about these pretty petals is that they come in a wide range of colors for every theme – ranging from vibrant solids to soft pastels. The shift to dahlias also comes with using smaller, multiple blooms in arrangements for a more complex bouquet. 

Small is the New Big

Gone are the days of cramped 500-person weddings. Small, intimate weddings are becoming way more common, providing the bride and groom a chance to interact with loved ones in ways that simply aren’t possible when the guest count tops 100. Plus, smaller gatherings give you more room to show off your personalities and save on your budget! 

Bye Bye, Boring

Everyone has something unique about their personalities. When planning your wedding, think about what sets yours apart. If you’re a health nut, include a juice bar where guests can pick their mix-ins. Or, if you like a good party, roll out a tacos and tequila station for a fun late night snack surprise. Our team can help you come up with ideas that showcase where you’re from, your heritage, or something that celebrates the tastes you enjoy as a couple.

Get Me to Church on Time!  

While it’s true that some non-traditional couples are having close friends officiate their ceremonies, we’re seeing more and more couples are going back to having their ceremonies at churches, bringing back their family traditions. 

Cut the Cake Out

Believe it or not, couples are ditching the wedding cake. And no, they’re not switching to cupcakes either (that was so 2015). One of my favorite new trends is a sweets table unlike any other: a gourmet donut wall, liqueur shots, espresso drinks from around the world, or a live-action crepe station.   

Our catering team has years of experience in making dreams become reality. Call 630-694-5907 or email us today to start planning your special day!

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