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Innovative Architecture: Discover the Best of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Chicago

Frank Lloyd Wright Staircase

One of the most inspiring architects of our time was Frank Lloyd Wright. He was able to incorporate nature and living spaces in a harmonious way that let people embrace the elements in the comfort of their own home. A native to the Chicago area, Frank Lloyd Wright has become an icon of the Windy City, and there are more of his designs here than any other place in the world. We wanted to take a look at some of our favorite spaces that he created and give you some tips on how you can get the full Frank Lloyd Wright experience.

Home & Studio

At Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio you’ll get to see how it all began. He used this space as an experimental playground for his designs, making it a one-of-a-kind location. This is where he came up with his signature “Prairie Style.” In this home you see how he added character with impressive design elements, like an open arched living room, a textured combination of brick and wood carvings, and quirky uses of space.

Bach House

The Emil Bach House is one of Wright’s more commanding designs and is also known as the “Fireproof House.” The Bach house displays geometric and modern elements that provide intrigue to each room. His heavy use of brick and concrete on the exterior display a sense of fortitude, while wood is incorporated into the interior spaces to provide a more inviting ambiance. This is an excellent example of Wright’s transitional period between his Prairie style phase and more modern influences of Japan and expressionism.

The Rookery

To see one of Wright’s most striking commercial designs, head over to The Rookery in Chicago’s financial district. Here elegant staircases are gateways into a central light court where a glass ceiling embellished by ironwork illuminates the building. One could easily spend hours looking at the embellishments that Wright put into every part of this building, from column details to intricate banisters to modern light fixtures.

Visit Chicago

Get the full Frank Lloyd Wright experience in Chicago with an architectural tour of all of his greatest hits. Then kick back and relax in a setting that Wright would approve. Discover the park-like landscapes of Eaglewood Resort & Spa where you can book a spacious guest room and enjoy unique indoor and outdoor dining options.

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