Fine Tune Your Golf Game with Eaglewood Resort’s New Golf Simulator

Finding your swing can be a challenge when you’re new to golf, or even if you’re seasoned but just a little rusty. With today’s sports technology, runners can monitor their pace, bikers can check their heart rate, and baseball players can measure the power of their hits. Golfing has come a long way from just practicing on the green. At Eaglewood Resort & Spa, Chicago’s premier golf resort, they just added a state of the art golf simulator to their property letting you finesse your skills 365 days out of the year.

Behind the Simulator Technology

The Foresight GCQAUD golf simulator is the most advanced launch monitor on the market and can be used both indoors and outdoors. This means no more snowy days to put a damper on your play time. The simulator gives you the option to choose between 25 different courses, so you can find the level of challenge that’s right for you. With 4k definition and newly installed artificial turf covering the floor, you’ll feel like you’re right there on the putting green. Plus, using the Foresight software, you’ll get advanced shot data and can create a profile to view your stats at any time.

Not Just Golfing

The versatility of the Foresight GCQAUD doesn’t stop at golfing. The system also provides inclusion of family-friendly games. Get a carnival experience with skeeball and balloon pop in an interactive space that will keep your kids entertained while you take some well-deserved “me” time. The resort is also anticipating creating leagues next fall and winter to extend the competitive golf season year round!

Take an Immersive Golf Getaway

At Eaglewood Resort & Spa, the new golf simulator is located inside their Prairie River Restaurant, known for its made-from-scratch American cuisine and intimate outdoor lounge space. Here, you can spend the evenings perfecting your swing and spend your days putting your newly honed skills to the test on their Par 72 championship USGA-certified golf course.

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These Golf Trends Might Not be What You Expect

Golf Trends: Now that Summer is almost here, what do you find yourself daydreaming about? The smell of flowers and trees blooming? Barbecuing on the patio with friends and family? The long, sunshine-filled days? Or could it be the smell of fresh cut grass, the unmistakable whissh of the golf club, and the satisfying plunk of a hole-in-one?

If you’re a golf aficionado, we know what your senses are excited about. Or, even if you don’t eat and breathe golf, the game is still a wonderful way to spend some quality time outside, with the family, or just having a few laughs.

Besides, there are actually quite a few more, shall we say, unconventional forms of golf that are sure to bring loads of fun and entertainment this Summer season. Take a peek at some of the newest and most innovative golf trends debuting and appearing at courses and resorts around the country:

Glow Golf

Golfing underneath the stars is an experience unlike any other. Though different courses execute glow golf differently, the general concept is to play a round of golf on the course – but at night. Armed with a glowing golf ball, a few other glowing accessories, and plenty of gorgeous stars overhead, glow golf is a remarkable way to bathe in the warm night air and flex those golf muscles.

Digital Hole in One

One of the newest technologies to hit the golf industry, digital golf technologies are enabling unique and exciting golf opportunities and experiences. Though the execution may differ from course to course, the basic concept is that cameras, which are nicely blended with the landscape, are placed at certain holes throughout the course, and it records HD videos of winning shots. Or rather, hopefully it records a winning shot – that’s up to the player. If a golfer happens to hit a hole in one at the camera-hole, there are chances for cash prizes, as well as a personal copy of that particular achievement. Keep your eyes and ears out for golf courses offering this new technology, you might just win some extra vacation cash, while also having ammunition to use for bragging at the club later on.

Foot Golf

One of the more liberally related golf games, foot golf is becoming widely popular and after trying it out – you’ll see why. Trade your golf ball in for a soccer ball, and your golf club for your foot. A combination of soccer and golf, this game is played by kicking a soccer ball into large holes on a golf-like course. The holes are set up differently than the normal course, naturally, and it’s a bit more rowdy and messy than classic golf. More mess, though, means more fun. Check out a video here to learn more.

Segway Golf

As if there weren’t already enough segway jokes, there’s about to be a whole lot more. Gone are the days of golf carts, instead welcome segways as the new vehicle of choice. These aren’t your typical tourist segway, but rather a modified version specifically for golfers. With features to accommodate the golf bag, an enhanced size, and a new look, these golf segways are the transportation of the future (at least on the golf courses).

Golf under the stars, win some cash for your skills, try your foot in foot golf, and cruise around the course on a specially made golf-segway. Whether you try one or all of these golf games and accessories, you’re sure to make some lasting memories and have some instagram worthy photos.

Eaglewood Resort & Spa, just outside of Chicago, Illinois, features a Par 72 championship USGA-certified course that offers a captivating atmosphere, private and group lessons, annual passes, and golf outings. Not to mention a few golf trends! Discover their special glow golf experience, as well as exciting digital hole in one opportunities! With an 85 year history of rolling greens, strategic bunkers, majestic trees, and sparkling lakes, there are few courses more accommodating and spectacular than Eaglewood. Visit here to begin planning your golf experience. Happy golfing this Summer season, and we’ll see you on the course!


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These Latest Golf Trends Put a Spin on the Game You Love

Is there anything more relaxing on a summer afternoon than a round of golf? For us, nothing says “summer” more than warm breezes, the sound of sinking a tough shot, and recounting the day with some cold brews around the fire pit after a round.

Whether it’s grabbing your co-workers for a quick nine after work or planning a road trip with your favorite golf partners to play a challenging course, golf is one of those ultimate summer pastimes that brings people together.

And, as time rolls on, the game is becoming more inclusive – and inventive! Check out the latest golf trends debuting at more and more golf courses and clubs around the country.