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From the City to the Suburbs: A Guide to Chicago Food Festivals

When people think of Chicago, several things usually come to mind: wind, Al Capone, and the Sears (not Willis) Tower, to name a few.

chicago food festivals Photo by arnold | inuyaki
Photo by arnold | inuyaki

But what’s the most important source of pride for Chicagoans? Ask any native and the answer will most likely boil down to one thing…food! Whether it’s finding the best local spot for a hot dog with “the works” or deciding between deep dish and thin crust pizza, Chicagoans love celebrating that which brings us all together.

This summer, tackle one of the many food festivals around the city and suburbs for a fresh taste of Chicagoland culture!

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How to Choose the Right Teambuilding Activity

We’ve all been involved in or at least seen the famous trust fall activity: one person deliberately falls backwards, hoping their teammates won’t let them hit the ground.

But what exactly does that activity accomplish? Besides, of course, creating more content for a trust fall fail video compilation.

It’s not uncommon for meeting planners to include a teambuilding activity or two to their conference agenda for an added level of fun and excitement. In order to make your teambuilding event successful, however, it needs to be about more than just giving people a couple of hours away from their desks.

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Summer Means Live Music in Chicago

Local Concerts You Won’t Want to Miss

When it comes to live music, nothing beats Chicago in the summertime. From the big headliners at Lollapalooza and Lake Shake to the more niche lineups at Riot Fest and North Coast Music Festival, there is undoubtedly something for every palate this year.

But big festivals like these can present some unfortunate obstacles like congestion, high price tags, parking, and not being the most conducive for family fun. For this reason, the surrounding suburbs have started their own series’ that are both family and wallet friendly.

Check out these close-to-home concerts this year for a summer filled with music and memories!

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These Latest Golf Trends Put a Spin on the Game You Love

Is there anything more relaxing on a summer afternoon than a round of golf? For us, nothing says “summer” more than warm breezes, the sound of sinking a tough shot, and recounting the day with some cold brews around the fire pit after a round.

Whether it’s grabbing your co-workers for a quick nine after work or planning a road trip with your favorite golf partners to play a challenging course, golf is one of those ultimate summer pastimes that brings people together.

And, as time rolls on, the game is becoming more inclusive – and inventive! Check out the latest golf trends debuting at more and more golf courses and clubs around the country.

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6 Ways To Get Your Body Beach-Ready

Essential Tips for Summer Skin Care and Wellness

The grass is getting greener, air is getting fresher, and you’re starting to get the summertime urge to go outside. But before you throw on the bathing suit and head to the pool, make sure you give your body a little TLC! These six tips for the summer will get your skin, body and mind ready for outdoor fun.